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Guest Authors:

Alphabetical order:

Alejandro Hernandez Agudelo (1976):

traced days


Alexandra Barriga (1979):

The Pandemic of Indifference

Alicia Garcia (2004):

The farewell

Alvaro Garcia Trujillo (1962):

Today Sunday...


Alvaro Valencia (1977):

A hole

Ana Cristina Guzman Villate (1956):

Jesus recommended me

Catalina Garcia Suarez:


Emma Francesca Mascherini:

Roco has colors that heal

Esperanza Ardila Beltran:

Estela's flashes

ephemeral searches

At sunset

What's behind the rain?

Fernanda Mendez

What are we?

Hugo Lopez (1938-2020):

eternity is short

Jean Pierre `Jampi´ Cobo (1996):

The father who dreamed of a pair of hearts

Juanita Nahbox (1975):

Knotting my roots. The fishing net...

Kris Stefany Baena Botero:


Luis Fernando Arteaga (1946):

a gift of life

Seas Beira (1981):

Part of the Air

Maria Alejandra Cardenas (1995):

If you kill iron, you die with iron

Maria José Tafur Bonnells (1976):

The Reaper

To you, my happy moment

Maria Paula Pardo Vargas:


Mena Navarro (1979):

the last wish

another love letter


unexpected love

Patricia Valkyrie:

Like at the racetrack

eternal hunt

The curse


Pearl Osorio Duncan (1980):

A breath

Santiago Leon (1977):

Afternoon at the Horseshoe

Valentina Coccia Rovida (1990):

The demons

Valerie Sevillano (1992):


Victor Quintero (1981):

In dreams there is no firmness

Urs and Max Schmid (1949):

The memory of flavors

Yang Puma (1992):

Until the last breath


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