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Creative writing

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Teacher: Felipe Jiménez @Felipepoet

Professional in Literary Studies

Master in Communication

Editor , copywriter and proofreader.

Literary creation supposes the skill of some writing techniques in which it is clear that the form is not the only important thing and it is not enough to respect the grammatical rules or not make spelling mistakes for the text to be considered literary. Nor is it enough to have an idea, an argument or a theme to narrate, the construction of the text goes through different moments and processes so that its presentation to the reader manages to generate some aesthetic impact. In this workshop we will provide literary creation tools to write stories, narratives and novels (depending on the case), with an aesthetic seal that highlights the stylistic characteristics of each participant. We will do a personalized follow-up according to the innate creative possibilities of the participants. We will draw the best writer and the best literary writer that each of the participating people has. Critical and deconstructive readings of short stories will be made. More than on reading skills, the emphasis of the workshop will be on the practice of writing. The participants will receive a revision, correction and professional suggestions so that their texts are ready to be published or to opt for literary contests.

Temática general

$55 Us Dollars




twenty% DISCOUNT for each workshop paying 2 Workshops (12 sessions)

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