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Teacher: Valentina Coccia


Master in History

scenic artist

Author of: "Goodbye to Quino"  among other opinion texts in El Espectador

The look and the voice

The Argentine writer and journalist Tomás Eloy Martínez once said that "When we read that there were 100,000 victims in a tsunami in Bangladesh, the data amazes us but does not move us." This is the philosophy of many media, which are limited to reporting, but with their language they fail to emotionally involve people in the facts, which is the true work of journalism. This shows us that to write a good story we do not need to be professional journalists or work in a recognized medium. We just have to have a sharp eye to see the background of the facts and work in a language that can convey the essence of the story we want to tell.

In this course we will work on these two fundamental skills of the most renowned chroniclers: the look that recognizes the background of the story and the voice that reaches the hearts of the readers.

Chronicle and literary journalism workshop


Reading: The reading of some representative texts of literary journalism will be facilitated to open a discussion about their styles, the themes they propose, the facts they narrate and what they can contribute of value to each student who takes the course in their own writing process.  


Interactive writing exercise: Each session will propose a writing exercise that involves issues of journalistic work.

It seeks to train the gaze by involving the student in reality so that they find what to write about and help them find the right tone to tell their story.  

General objectives: observe the context, observe the character and the journalist who observes himself  and how the voice changes in all those cases.


$55 Us Dollars




twenty% DISCOUNT for each workshop paying 2 Workshops (12 sessions)

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