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Terms and Conditions

By submitting any contact form information (about workshops or any subject) on our website as well as by requesting specific information about the workshops, you accept the receipt of communication about the detailed details of the workshops, the methodology, the resources and the work material to which you will have access as a registered student. Communications will be through our website, via email and through channels such as whatsapp, social networks with the information you provide us, to inform you about details of our website, the events we organize and other workshops we offer. We promise not to send you messages if you clearly express your wish for us to cancel the shipments in accordance with the Habeas Data regulations.


The participant, registered student will receive the workshop or workshops to which they register with the payment established in official communications on the El Relato del Domingo website. In no case can you start taking the workshop or workshops if you have not made 100% payment through the payment mechanisms established and informed in the presentation of the Workshop.

The participant will receive support material such as readings, access to specialized information and access to digital media where he interacts for their development.

Commitment of the participant or enrolled:

The registered participant agrees to have the conditions of internet access, mobile data and everything related to the development of the workshop and is not the responsibility of the teachers Felipe Jiménez, Valentina Coccia or Álvaro Valencia or any teacher.  invited to the workshop if the registered person cannot access the sessions.

The money will not be refunded if the participant decides not to attend the workshop for any reason, force minor or force majeure. In the event that the participant cannot attend any of the sessions, they will be offered a summary of its development and there is no commitment to hold extra sessions at times other than those officially announced. Once the participant makes the payment, after confirming it, they will receive initial access to the interface and specific material for its development. That moment, the delivery of access, is established as the beginning of the workshop. This clarification is made because it is imperative to make it clear that the beginning of the workshop is not when the first session or stream with the workshop facilitator enters the platform, but when access to the platform is sent. In the event that the participant decides not to attend the workshop and has not made the entry to the material published privately on the website, at least 3 days before the start of the workshop, the refund of the money will be agreed upon, in which case a term of 30 business days from the date the payment was processed. Entry is understood as the first moment that the participant accesses the specific and private information of its development and that it will not be of public access but only for those enrolled.

Clarification of cancellation due to force majeure

The organization of the Workshops headed by Luis Felipe Jiménez reserves the right to cancel the realization of the same for reasons of force majeure and with the corresponding timely communication to the participants. It also reserves the right to cancel the workshops if there is not a minimum of 5 individual participants or if the goal of 5 workshops enrolled by one or more people is not reached. In this case, the money will be returned within a maximum period of 30 days from the time of the initial payment of the enrollment. The return of the money in any expense will be made in cash but through electronic transfer.

The follow-up of the workshop competitions will be personalized and likewise the material such as texts, chronicles, drafts will obtain a professional evaluation so that the participant, as author, subsequently submits it to the public of his/her choice, including contests,  media or other broadcast platforms. If agreed, an agreement will be made on the transfer of authorship rights, expressly signed by both parties and/or an external publisher, for the publication of the texts produced by the Workshop.

The organization commits to make at least one publication where the written work of the participants is highlighted, but does not commit to publishing all the texts in a paper book. It undertakes to make clear the mechanisms for subsequent publication in a paper book, prior agreement with the participants who require it.

In any case, this participation agreement is fulfilled under principles of good faith.

In this sense, both parties will execute the workshop in the best possible way with basic principles of respect for the other participants.

Bogota, Colombia October 15, 2021.

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