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brief history of
Sunday's Story

The first account was published on Sunday, September 22, 2013 under the title " El Beso de Sonja" on Twitter. It was a love story of a rebellious young woman in the Canton of St. Gallen, on the border between Switzerland and Austria. Since that day we have published more than 60 stories in different media. 

The times in The Sunday Story

Initially the stories were biographical. Its author narrated personal anecdotes through a literary style in which he always sought to give a touch of humor along with some kind of criticism of society. Criticism does not always imply a negative assessment. For this reason, the narrative proposal of El Relato del Domingo has been to offer a poetic look at contemporary reality. From the ninth story and almost without exception, the stories have been completely fictional, with characters that do not exist in real life, even though many are inspired by real people, problems and situations. The narrative style that predominates in El Relato del Domingo is neo-realistic. Likewise, hyper-reality and transmedia narrative have been incorporated, since, to tell some of the stories, different media have been connected, according to their communicative characteristics.

To date, in 2021, more than sixty (60) stories have been published and some of them are part of the pre-selection for the book that we will publish soon.





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