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EPOJÉ International Film and Literature Club

The Epoché is a state of consciousness in which judgment is suspended. In Greece, Pyrrho of Elis (ca 265 ca 275 BC) defended the Epoché as a way of encompassing reality through neither affirming nor denying anything. This Reading Club starts from this premise to cover literary texts without the pretense of establishing some kind of formal or academic literary criticism. We will value reading as an exercise of thought, of understanding between us. We will promote known and unrecognized authors. We share information about literary contests, bibliographic novelties, reading and writing techniques and cultural events. We open the space for readers and authors who share a love of reading.

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We meet every fifteen (15) days and discuss our impressions on previously agreed upon readings.  


We meet at least once a month and discuss progress on the readings. We also exchange books, reading support material, bookmarks, posters, tickets to events.

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